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How Things Work

The purpose of this site is to take the mystery out of how things work.

There’s a whole world of everyday stuff out there just begging for an answer to the question, “How does that work”? Or, “Why does that work”? Or even better yet, “What caused that to happen?

It’s fun to figure out how things work and what causes them to happen. It gives us hands on experience in science and often increases our interest in whats going on in the world around us.

Have you developed a project that helps people to figure out whats happening and allows them to learn? We’d love to feature your project on our pages. Drop us a line.

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Recent Posts & Science News

Huge Ocean Waves

Water Purification Project

Every living being on Earth needs clean water to function. Humans must consume at least two liters of purified water each day. Advancements in technology

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Covid and Vaccines.

As countries like the United States and United Kingdom inoculate their residents with never-before-used vaccine technology, others, including Russia, China, and India, are investing in more traditional

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The History of Astronomy

If you have a passion for star gazing, telescopes, the Hubble and the universe and this thing we call “astronomy”, you are far from alone. 

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Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars   If you are a serious astronomy fanatic like a lot of us are, you can probably remember that one event in childhood

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