Stained Teeth Experiment

Stained Teeth Experiment

Just about everything that we eat and drink has a chance to stain our teeth. In this experiment, we’re going to see how long it takes for three separate drinks to stain the shell of an egg. This is a simulation experiment perfect for chemistry and science.

This experiment can last as long as you choose and is great for classroom or home school observation. The experiment is also ideal for a science fair project.


What you need:

* 3 hollowed-out eggshells (see instructions below for how to hollow out an eggshell)
* 3 disposable plastic cups
* dark cola
* dark brewed tea
* coffee
* paper and a pencil to write down your findings
* spoon or small tongs


1. Place coffee in one cup, tea into a second cup, and the dark cola into the third cup.

2. Once the cups are filled; place one eggshell into each one of the cups.

3. Once a day, at the same time each day, gently remove the eggshell from the cups and observe how much the shell has become discolored.

4. Record the results for each liquid.

**5. Optionally, you can take a picture of the eggs each day and note the subtle changes that are happening. These images can be added to a recorded timeline.

6. Compare the effect that each liquid has had on the eggshell. Which liquid has stained their eggshell the most? This is the liquid that will stain your teeth within the length of time that you’ve given your experiment.

Hollowing out an eggshell:

1. Using a pin, gently poke the top and bottom part of the eggshell in the same spot until you have a hole on each end that is large enough for the liquid of the egg to pass through.

2. Blow through the top portion of the eggshell to force the egg white and yolk out through the bottom.


Crack the egg in half and use the shell for the experiment.

Disclaimer: ** Raw eggs can cause illness. Use caution when blowing the whites and yolks out of the raw eggs.

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