Science DaveIn The Beginning


My name is Dave and as a child (I am told), I often tore things apart to see what made them tick. I guess I wasn’t that good at putting them back together again, but that’s a story only my mother gets to tell.

In high school, college and then with postgraduate studies, “the science of it all” continued to fascinate me. While everyone else seemed happy to cram for a test, I found that knowing how things worked meant I could answer questions that were missing from the teacher’s study guide!

So … rather than memorize quickly forgotten facts, I spent my time trying to understand the science behind them. That became a habit for me throughout life. Be it studying for exams, teaching math and science to my children, or even as a physics, math and engineering Professor at our local college, “how things work” was definitely my interest.

The Journey Begins

I don’t claim to be the ultimate scientist for any of the areas discussed on this site, but I am passionate about getting the information I think you will need.

My hope is that you will find each topic to be an interesting, complete and to the point discussion. I also hope the content here will help you complete a tough homework assignment, solve a last minute science project need, or simply fill in a few details in an entertaining way if you are browsing out of pure interest.

We are just now leaving the transfer and construction phase, but with so many interests and so many topics to discuss within them, I am excited to find out where this journey will lead. If you want a specific topic discussed, please drop me a line. Ask the question, make the request, or identify the need and I will do what I can to include it as quickly as we are able.

Here we go … !