The How Things Work Science Projects website is exclusively operated and managed by myself and Robbi – an extremely dedicated and talented web designer, editor and confidant!



In the beginning, all content on the site was created, edited and made live by myself.  I performed all of the experiments first hand, and if you see photos with actual hands in them, those are mine.  However as the site grew, more and more people wanted to contribute and I needed help to keep up with it all.  Enter Robbi.  She is now an integral part of the site, from getting us transitioned off an old clunky html template to creating, editing and managing experiments or other content submissions by folks just like you.

In fact, you can be a part of this site as well by simply contacting us and either requesting a topic or by submitting one yourself … and we would love to hear from you.



If you prefer to contact us by regular mail, that is fine as well.  You can send your correspondence (CD, typed paper, zip drive, etc.) to:

How Things Work
PO Box 182
Burlington, IA 52601-4408

If your info is in electronic form, just use the contact form to get our attention and we’ll provide more info on how to get that to us.

Also please note, if you do send something by regular mail, we do not as a general rule try to return it to you, so please us that as a guide for submissions in that form.