Well, Rats

ust about every time you mention a rat to someone they shiver and cringe. Sometimes a person can explain why they find rats so creepy. A lot of the time, however, a person can’t really explain what it is that creeps them out about a rat. Rats are a very misunderstood rodent. Did you know that, by nature, a rat is a very harmless, intelligent, and even friendly creature? In this project, you’re going to discover the true nature of the common rat.

Items you will need:

Computer (with internet)


Camera (preferably digital)

1 or 2 domesticated rats (local pet store. Please make sure that you have a suitable home(s) for the rat(s) if you do not plan on keeping them!)

Presentation supplies (poster board, paper, pens, etc. Don’t be afraid to use a little bright color.)

Great Research Questions:

1. Why is it that most people hate rats?

2. Are rats viewed differently around the world and in culture?

3. Why are people so grossed out by a rat’s tail?

4. How is the intellect of a rat both demonstrated and measured?

5. Does a rat make a good pet? Explain why or why not.

6. Why do scientists use rats in experiments?


1. Research and explain why some people hate rats.

2. Explain the worldview of rats.

3. Take pictures of your rat(s).

4. Record or document all of the things that your rat(s) can do.

5. Print and label other interesting rats to be used as examples on your presentation board.

6. Present photos and short identifications of different rat species.

7. Identify and list how a rat can be useful.

8. Write a detailed report to accompany your presentation.

9. Use your pet rat(s) as part of your presentation and display for the science fair.

10. Remember to use fun facts and about rats. (This can include rats that appear in folklore and bedtime stories.)

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