Water Pressure

Water pressure ascertains the force of water that comes from the source, through the pipes. It is one of the properties of water. With this project, you’ll be able to know what water pressure is capable of.

What you need:
• Sharp knife or a pair of scissors with which to punch holes
• Empty, tall plastic water bottle
• Water

How to do it:
1. With the knife or pair of scissors, make holes on the plastic bottle, vertically, about 2 inches apart.
2. Fill the punctured bottle with water and observe how the water drains through the holes.

Creating the simple water fountain demonstrated water pressure. The streams from the holes below the top hole went farther.

In the demonstration, water pressure was the force pressed on by the water above to the water underneath.

The force or pressure came from the water’s weight. The water closer to the bottom of the bottle received more pressure.


This is why the holes near the bottom of the bottle shot the farthest.

They had the strongest water pressure being exerted on them from above. .

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