Turkey Bones Thanksgiving Experiment

Thanksgiving is a time of appreciation and savouring glorious portions of food! In this experiment, we will demonstrate a spectacular effect with the leftovers from your scrumptious thanksgiving dinner. You will never look at the bones of a turkey the same ever again!

Here is what you need for this fascinating experiment:

1) Turkey bones (preferably from the remains of your thanksgiving meal)
2) Something to write with (could be a sharpie, pen, pencil, etc.)
3) Labels (we shall explain this in a bit)
4) Vinegar (should be easily available from the kitchen)
5) Water (for cleaning the bones and filling one of your jars)
6) A pair of glass containers.

Duration: 5 minutes for preparation, about a week for experiment.


Grab a hold of the turkey bones after your Thanksgiving meal and clean them out of any bits of meat (be thorough for hygiene purposes!). Then, proceed to fill one jar with water and the other with vinegar. Label the jars accordingly so you can tell them apart (since both water and vinegar are transparent to the naked eye).

Place turkey bones into each container and leave them untouched for a week or so.
Now, uncap the containers, dry the bones and feel them with your fingers. You will notice that the ones submerged in vinegar have become bendy!

The science behind it:

Bones consist of calcium carbonate, which gets eroded by vinegar. You may repeat the experiment with different bones (e.g. fish, chicken and beef) and you will still observe similar results! Of course, the smaller the bone, the greater the effect of the vinegar.

This experiment shows us that taking proper care of our bones will help keep them in top shape while poor maintenance can cause serious damage.

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