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Misc Science Projects

Popcorn Experiment

THE POPCORN EXPERIMENT Popcorn is one of the oldest, most common food items in the US. When the people realized that if the maize or corn was left too close to the fire, it popped […]

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Forces of Nature

Dancing Milk Experiment

Dancing Milk Show A popular experiment among young scientists, a dish of milk is made to dance through a rainbow performance! Follow these simple steps to create the magic! Duration: 5-10 minutes First, the experimenters […]

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Grades 1-3 Science Projects

How to Make Slime

\The recent resurgence of slime toys has been winning the hearts of children all around the world. It is possible to form your very own version of the gooey delight right from the comforts of […]

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Earth Science Projects

Leaf Chromatography

Pigments are important in the lives of all organisms, most especially plants. Pigments in the leaves of plants are called chlorophyll. There are different types of plant pigments: • Anthocyanins—red chlorophyll • Carotenoids—orange or yellow […]