Potato Battery Raw Materials!
Electricity Projects

Potato Battery

A potato battery project is the last in a series of fruit and veggie  battery projects included on this site. Many versions are available, but unless you want to get fancy with the voltmeter, fruit […]

Multi-Cell Coin Battery Project
Electricity Projects

Coin Battery Project

More fun with electricity for kids! A coin battery is similar to fruit battery experiments, except that the fruit’s part is replaced by a small amount of salt water. It’s an easy science project to […]

Battery Light Project
Electricity Projects

Battery Light Project

First Grade Science Projects Electricity is fascinating. It is also all around us. We wake by an alarm clock without thinking, then turn on a light and take a shower with hot water that we […]

Normal Apple for Apple Battery
Electricity Projects

Apple Battery Project

  Electricity For Kids And Grownups Alike! The apple battery project is a second in a series of three fruit battery science projects for kids included on this site. It is an extension of the […]

No Picture
Magnetic Science Projects

Make a Magnet and Compass

A New Look At The World Around Us! Magnet Second Grade Science Projects Series One of the earlier projects discusses what a compass does, but if the magnet-science-projects page is right, shouldn’t we be able […]