Science Project Contest 2018


Enter the Contest

1. Pick a project from our website. It doesn’t matter what project you select. Alternatively find a project that is suitable for kids and send us your request to do that project.
2. Do that project (it is  okay if parents or friends help you with it). We  encourage teams to help.
3. Take videos or progress photos of all the major steps along the way
4. Write up your project as if you had to do it for a school assignment. Tell us your project, your theory (what you expected to see), your actual observations and … your conclusions.
5. Think about how this project might be improved, or what problems you had along the way that we might address in the future and then write those down
6. Send us your videos, or your  photos, along with your project report and improvement suggestions that you have for our project or our directions. 
7. Tell us if you want us to use your names in site posts to credit you for the hard work you did. We will not do that unless you tell us we can
8. Give us a valid email address that we can notify you if you won the awesome prize. We promise … you will get no spam from us, we will not sell your email to anyone and we will not keep it after the contest is over.



The Prizes

First Prize for the Science Project will be:

An Amazon Gift Card for $50 USD

A Flying Machines Kit valued at  25 Dollars

A Featured Post with full credit for your work on our page along with your photos.

A Winners Circle Page featuring one of your photos shared on social media


Second Prize Will Be

$25 Dollar Amazon gift card

Featured post on our site

Make Your own money science kit from Smithsonian ( value 19 dollars)