Science and Safety

Site Safety Disclaimer

How Things Work Science tries very hard to offer fun, easy to perform and instructive science projects for many ages. Insights, technologies, theory behind the projects and the projects themselves are all provided in the hope that they will help parents, teachers and kids alike learn something new and exciting about science. We pass this all to you in that light.

However, please note that every project has to be supervised by a competent adult. Wires, paperclips and magnets, for example, present minimal concerns for the high school student, but to kindergarten age children, they become eye and chocking hazards. Common sense will keep these issues in check, but please, please, please use safety glasses or goggles as appropriate when any experiment could result in eye injury. Often overlooked is eye protection when heating or pouring liquids, or when using pressurized gas, etc in the lab. Please include protective eyewear in these situations as well.

There should be no occasion to get shocked with experiments on this website, especially if you make absolutely sure to de-energize, unplug or otherwise remove the power source from a project prior to making adjustments, connecting leads, etc.

I can think of no project on this website where hearing protection is needed, but if you think noise levels are too high for any of the projects provided, give the students ear plugs, or just don’t do that experiment.

Other protective clothing, face shields, gloves, etc. should be used as you see the need. For most experiments, any special concerns I had were specifically noted in the project itself. If you disagree, or wish to add specific actions or equipment of your own to ensure an accident free project session for your group, then by all means, please do so.

We hope what we provide here is both informative and more than sufficient to prevent injury, but please note that nothing on this website, our newsletters or emails should be considered as a substitute for you taking responsibility for the well being of the individuals doing or observing you do the projects contained on this site.

Use any information contained on this site as general knowledge, but please do not consider it as all-inclusive safety advice. We care – and we do all we can to warn you of potential dangers, but it is ultimately up to you to make sure the individuals participating with you, regardless of their age, are acting appropriately and that the material you provide them is as safe as it can possibly be.