Popcorn Experiment


popcorn experimentPopcorn is one of the oldest, most common food items in the US. When the people realized that if the maize or corn was left too close to the fire, it popped into many tasty shapes.

Popcorn became a fixture in many households and establishments, especially in movie theaters. Huge bags, bowls, and buckets of this delicious snack are always available, at any time of day.

In this activity, it is best if you have an air fryer. If you don’t, ask an adult to help you with a pan over a stovetop. Remember to be careful with the popcorn and the oil or butter. Make sure to clean the tools and containers you want to use so that you can eat the popcorn after.

Which corn kernels yield more tasty popcorn—white or yellow?

What you need:

• Good amount of white and yellow popcorn kernels
• A pan (plus a stove and 30 ml oil) or an air popper
• A large measuring jug
• A large bowl
• A chart
• A tablespoon

How to do it:

  1. Make a chart that will help you record your results from this popcorn experiment.
  2. Take 100 white popcorn kernels. Heat them until they stop popping.
  3. Cool the popcorn first before counting the kernels that actually popped. Record your data. You can opt to write your results as percentage since you used 100 kernels.
  4. Place the popped corn kernels in a measuring jug and measure in ml (volume). Record your data.
  5. Repeat the procedure two more times for the white kernels.
  6. Repeat the procedure three times for the yellow kernels.

Take the average of your results for the white kernels and for the yellow kernels. Which kernel yields a better pop? Perhaps next time, you could test various brands of white and yellow popcorn kernels.

For now, you can finalize your data and eat the popcorn you made.

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