Does Peeling Fruit Make it Deteriorate Faster?

When you have too many seasonal fruits in your kitchen, you often want to taste them all at the same time. There are times when you pick a bunch of them and peel them all at the same time for convenient eating. Yet, have you ever thought that peeling the fruit removes its first layer of protection?

Like other organic substances, fruits need protection, even if they are still up in their trees. Once they are a picked, they start to deteriorate because they lose their living connection of nutrients. Their skin delays their deterioration.

Before you start this experiment, consider the many factors that contribute to the deterioration of fruits:
• Microorganisms
• Excess moisture
• Exposure to oxygen
• Extreme temperatures

When a fruit starts to rot, it breaks down into simpler substances. This is the process of decomposition. It is nature’s way of recycling, which is imperative to keep matter in biome. In the natural world, the faster something decomposes, the better. This is because all the raw materials are returned to the soil much quicker. Once in the soil, other organisms can start using them immediately.

The Question stated:
Does peeling a fruit make it rot more quickly?
What you need:
• Two each of the following
o Oranges
o Apples
o Strawberries
o Peaches
• Pen and paper for your notes
• Knife
• Small plastic bags

How you do it:
*** Note that this experiment yields the best results during winter. There are usually no bugs during this time of year.
1. Take one of each fruit and cut it in two. Place them in small plastic bags.
2. Take each of the whole fruit and place them in separate plastic bags.
3. Observe the process of decomposition that happens daily.
4. Note which of the fruits starts to rot first.
5. Make a record of your observations with the use of a chart.


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