Because of the world’s fast-growing population, the need for more food is evident. That is why more and more companies are releasing products that help enhance plant growth. They all claim that their products are the best. This science project aims to give you more insight in choosing the right plant food for your garden.

Problem stated:

What is the best commercial plant food?

What you need:
• Four big containers, about ten inches in depth and ten inches in diameter
• Gloves for gardening
• Screwdriver
• Shovel
• Watering can
• Potting soil
• Various vegetable and flower seeds
• Three different commercial plant growth brands
• Computer that has access to the internet
• Digital camera
• Craft or office supplies

How you do it:
a) Remember to read the necessary materials.
b) Choose three commercial plant growth brands that are popular among gardeners or farmers.
c) Get your large containers and poke three holes at the bottom of each.
d) Take the potting soil and fill each of our container with it.
e) Plant the same kinds of seeds in every container.
f) Take the three brands of commercial plant food that you selected.
g) Choose three containers of planted seeds for each brand.
h) Use each brand of growth product as directed on their labels.
i) Choose a fourth container for each brand but do not use any of the plant food on it.
j) Label ever container properly.
k) Read the seed packets carefully, so you can care for them the right way.
l) Analyze the results after the indicated period of growth.
m) Interpret the results you observed in the form of a detailed report.
n) Make visual aids of your results using photographs you took during the entire experiment.
o) On the day of the presentation, bring your plant specimens. (They will help answer questions, which your audience may have).

You should see differences in the height of the plants as well as how sturdy they are that will help you to determine which is the most effective fertilizer for your particular plant.