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Mummified Apples Experiment



What role do you think dehydration could play on an apple? Would a dehydrated apple be protected from bacteria? In this experiment, we will be creating a simple and spooky mummified apple. All you will need are some basic household ingredients to get started with your dehydrated mummy apple.


Carve the apple!


Here’s What You Will Need

  • – One Apple
    – A thick wooden kebab skewer or popsicle stick
    – A locking plastic bag, such as a GLAD brand freezer bag
    – One fourth cup of salt, a half cup of powdered bleach, and a half cup of bicarbonate soda



Preparing the Apple for Mummification

Take the powered bleach, bicarbonate soda, and the salt, and mix them together in your plastic bag.
Next it’s time to decorate the apple. Try carving a face into the apple, similar to a jack-o-lantern. You won’t need to hollow the apple, just make a design for the face.

… be creative …

Now you can impale the apple with the skewer or stick. This is so it can easily be picked up at the end of the experiment.

Now place the apple in the bag with the mixture, seal the bag, and give it a shake so that the apple is mostly covered in the powdered mixture. Keep the bag in a place that is warm and dry.

Observe the apple over the next week. What does it look like by day seven? If you had started with half an apple it would look something like this … ?




… and if you had started with apple slices … maybe something like this …




So, what did your whole mummified apple look like? Send us a photo in the comment box below to let us know!!


Results of the Experiment

Throughout the experiment, you will notice that the apple gets smaller and smaller. Typically, if you left an apple to sit in the open air, it would begin to rot. Your mummified apple doesn’t rot because there’s no moisture to allow for bacteria growth. This means that the apple simply shrivels and remains in a mummified state. The salt and other ingredients help to draw out the moisture before rotting can occur.

Does your mummified apple have a spooky quality to it? What other fruits or vegetables do you think could be mummified and preserved through a similar process? Remember, the mummified apple is not for eating, but it can be safely displayed for a long time without causing odors or attracting unwanted insects. Mummified humans are sometimes preserved for thousands of years. How long will your apple last?



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