The Moon and Tides Ebook from How Things Work Science Projects

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How Things Work Science Projects Ebook,  The Moon and Tides

The ocean has mystified man since the beginning of time. It is the source of many myths, legends, and stories, and many of those legends surround the tides.

One Native American legend holds that the tides began when Raven made a deal with an old woman who lived in a cave far across the sea. In Japanese mythology, the tides were controlled by the tide jewels, Kanju and Manju.

While we may not believe in these legends today, exactly what does cause the tides? Although the truth may be much less fanciful than mystical old crones and magical gems, it is no less interesting.


If the ocean and the tides have been your point of interest then we’ve got an ebook for you. How Things Work Science Projects–The Moon and Tides Ebook offers you all that you need to know about the Moon and Tides.