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Hello Front liners!

Welcome, welcome and welcome again.

You saw on the main page … “There’s a whole world of everyday stuff out there that begs the question, ‘How does that work’? Or, ‘Why does that work’ or ‘What caused that to happen?'”

Our #1 goal is to answer those questions for you and your students.

Oh and parents … you are definitely included in “Hello Front Liners!”. We salute you as front line educators right out there with the teachers. You are more important to the education process than you might know, so please jump right in here and comment, critique, suggest content, or even write blog posts, editorials or even science projects you’ve done with your kids for us to post. We welcome that, we will post that for sure, and we always credit the source!

In case you haven’t guessed already, our goal is to help you in any way we can … so ask if you need and please tell us if you need more than we have provided. Honest, we want this to be your go to site for your classroom’s science projects and as a primary reference for your student’s homework projects. So tell us what you need if it isn’t already on here!


What next?

We’re not going to do a commercial here, so probably the best place to start is to click on the “Project” menu at the top of the site. Not the subtopics under that … just click on the main menu title “Projects”.

That will send you directly to a complete list of science projects (and other materials) for each of the main topics like Electricity Projects, Earth Science Projects, and many, many others.

The drop down menus under the “Projects” tab are good … especially for students that are just looking for a project they might want to do, but the complete list as noted above is most likely what you will need.

Select a project from that clickable list and that will take you directly to the experiment, project or topic. Again, feel free to comment on any of these … and yes, we do read every single one of those.

Please also note that we have several, very inexpensive ebooks available on a varitey of topics that could be used as resources in the classroom. Again, if you need one on a topic we have not yet covered, tell us.

We had a plugin that allowed you to grab a pdf for any of the projects so you could print them out and use them in your classroom (or at home). That plugin didn’t work as well as hoped, so if you need multiple copies of a particular project, and you can’t print it from the site as it is now … just let us know. We will be happy to provide that for you and you can print as many copies as you need (be fair now) without any charge from us.

Ok … that about sums it up. We want to help. We are here for you and we salute your efforts (teachers and parents alike). So let us know what you need if we haven’t put it on here already.


Thanks from all of us at !!