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Hello there fellow seekers of all things Science!

Glad you’re here!

As we tell parents and educators, our main page says “There’s a whole world of everyday stuff out there that begs the question, ‘How does that work’? Or, ‘Why does that work’ or ‘What caused that to happen?’”

Our mission is to answer those questions for you. To help you in any way we can.

So ask if you have questions and please tell us if you need more than we have provided. Honest, we want this to be your primary reference source for science related homework or projects. So tell us what you need if it isn’t already on here!


How to Start?

One of the hardest things to do in just about any new task is how to start.

If you know the project you are looking for, you can type a word or two in the search box in the upper right corner of the site to see if it will pop up for you.

Chances are you’ll only know you have to do a science project and need ideas on what to try. In that case, we recommend clicking on the main menu title “Project” at the top of the site. Not the dropdowns, just on the title.

That will take you to a pretty long list of science projects seperated by categories like Earth Science and others. Those are all clickable links so if something looks interesting, that’s where to start.

You might know you have to do an Electricity or Earth Science project of some type. You can still use the same list, just jump down to the right section of the list … or … use the The drop down menus under the “Projects” tab. Using those drop down menus takes you to the same list but with a bit more information to look at before making a project selection.

Once you selected a project, jump right in. Give it your best effort. Do some thinking along the way as to how you might change something, ask questions like … what would happen if … and then give it a try (within reason of course!). Put that in your project report along with what you thought would happen (your theory) vs what actually happened (your observations). Again, feel free to comment on any of these … and yes, we do read every single one of those.

We also have other resourses on the site like interesting blog posts, science related software, even a couple fun games. And yes, we also have ebooks available on a varitey of topics that could be used as project resources as well.

Ok … that about sums it up … It’s time to pick a project. Enjoy!


Thanks from all of us at !!