Grades 1-3 Science Projects

Water Freezing Point

Have you ever wondered what the freezing point of water is? Do know how salt affects the freezing point of water as well? This simple and fun science project will help you get the answer […]

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Science Projects

Hot Water Convection

This experiment is designed illustrate how hot springs work and where the hot water is coming from.It shows hot water convection very well to the students . Because hot water is being used and to […]

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Magnetic Science Projects

How to Make a Compass

This second grade science project is designed as a follow-on to the make a magnet experiment above. We show how to make a compass out of common everyday items, and continue introducing young students to […]

Normal Apple for Apple Battery
Electricity Projects

Apple Battery Project

  Electricity For Kids And Grownups Alike! The apple battery project is a second in a series of three fruit battery science projects for kids included on this site. It is an extension of the […]