Bouncing Egg Project

The Amazing Bouncing Egg



Fun Egg Bouncing Project

The egg is the easiest symbol of fragility. You tend to handle it with so much care because they can break easily. If you are seeking a way to make an egg unbreakable and bounce about, this is the experiment for you.

What You Need:

• A glass jar
• Plain white vinegar
• A boiled egg

Bouncing egg projectHow to Do It:

1. Select your egg of choice. It can be a white egg or a brown egg.
2. Get your glass jar and place your carefully selected egg in it.
3. Take your plain white vinegar into the jar. Pour it until the egg is immersed completely in it.
4. With the jar’s lid, cover the jar tightly.
5. Set the setup aside. Make sure that you place it away from sunlight. Let it stand for an entire day.
6. After a day, observe the egg.
7. Leave the setup for a week before you take the egg out of vinegar immersion.
8. Turn on your faucet and rinse the soaked egg.
9. Dry the egg completely.





What happened to the egg after a day? What happened to the egg after a week?

Bubbles formed around the egg as it stayed in the vinegar. This is a normal thing. The small bubbles become bigger. Then, they rise to the surface of the vinegar. Because of the forming bubbles around the egg, the egg eventually floats. Since vinegar is acetic acid, it reacts with calcium, which is the main ingredient of eggshells. The vinegar decomposes the shell of the egg. At a week’s end, the shell of the egg has degraded completely. The texture of the egg becomes leathery and it becomes bouncy.

The process behind this transformation is the process of osmosis, which is the movement of liquid through a semi-permeable barrier or membrane. The said movement is from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution. This is applicable to the gases or fluids.





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