5 Reasons Science Projects Are More Fun Than Reading A Book

5 Reasons Science Projects Are More Fun Than Reading A Book

If you are thinking of something to keep your kids occupied with on a rainy day, a science project is definitely more fun than reading books and watching TV! If you wonder why, read on!

  1. Most science projects are conducted using household things. As there’s no need of rushing to the store to buy anything special, you don’t have to spend much money on the project, only time!
  2. Science projects are better for kids as it fosters interaction in your children and helps them remember techniques and information which they may be able to relate with, and find useful in the future. As different children remember different things differently, science projects help your children learn.
  3. Science projects are a better proposition for rainy days as it keeps your child active. They get involved with different things and grow curious to learn more things. Just look for a challenging project where they have to find relevant tools and information to get solutions.
  4. Science projects needn’t be completed overnight. You can start a project and carry it to the next day. Your child will discuss the outcome of the project with friends, and this stimulates their brains and keeps them wanting more!
  5. Science projects also encourage interaction between you and your children. As you are their first teacher, they understand and remember things you teach much better than anything taught by anyone else! So look for a stimulating project which intrigues them to learn more about science and the working of things.

Getting your child interested in science projects and helping them with its research helps them get a clear picture. It’s also better if you ask them questions like what they had learnt and observed during the project once you are done with it, to ensure they understand the concept and whatever the project offers!

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