10 cool and crazy science experiments compilation. Amazing science experiments with Coca-Cola including: Diet Coke & Mentos, the milk and Coke experiment, chlorine reaction with phosphoric acid, rocket Coca Cola, boiled Coke, Coca Cola and Red Bull, keep meat with Coca-Cola, and a beautiful lava lamp.

In this video, you will see:
– Coca Cola incredible chemical reactions
– Coca Cola hydromassage bath
– What happens if you mix milk, Coke and Red Bull?
– Coca Cola and Mentos experiments
– Which one goes higher with Mentos: Regular Coca Cola or Diet Coke?
– What really happens when you add coke to raw pork
– Diet Coke Mentos Rocket
– Float or sink? Why a can of regular Coca Cola will sink in pure water and a can of Diet Coke will float?
– Amazing Science Experiments you can do with Coca Cola
– Coca Cola fantastic lava lamp
– What happens if you boil Coca Cola?
– Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero vs Diet Coke / Coca Cola Light, sugar test
– Coca Cola and milk: turn Coke into water
– Crazy facts about Coca-Cola
– Diet Coke and Mentos challenge
.. and much more!

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