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The purpose of this site is to take the mystery out of how things work.

Image Courtesy of NASA:

Image courtesy of NASA:

Some topics need to stay in the lab a while longer, but there’s a whole world of everyday stuff out there just begging for an answer to the question, “How does that work”? Or, “Why does that work”? Or even better yet, “What caused that to happen?

Rather than memorizing quickly forgotten facts, we spend time trying to figure out what’s going on behind the scene and we hope you will too. Is there a project that can be used to demonstrate what’s really happening? Is there a way to make this concept easy to understand?

We’ve all been students trying to learn and some of us have been parents, caring about the best way to teach proper study skills to our children.

Well, as a previous students, and parents who care about teaching proper study skills to children, or when acting as one of the Physics, Math and Engineering Professors at our local college, “how things work” remains one my core

Because of the old teacher in me, I can think of few better ways to learn than by doing.  After a “how it works” discussion, this site quickly focuses on projects for each topic that lends itself to that type of study.  Teachers, students or just interested folks can find resources, “how to do” projects, science fair topics and other valuable information about the subject.

Another goal is to provide links to other materials that can help you dig right down into the bowels of it all, if that is where you need to go. Current news about the topic, articles, current events, books, report writing or other study material is provided for each major topic section whenever possible.

And then … just to make sure we have some fun … we include games and other neat stuff to simply enjoy.  The young kids (or the youngster inside each of us) can learn about science without even needing to be aware of it.

Because we have almost unlimited interest areas to cover, we expect this site to grow, and grow, and … well you get the Carl Saganism of it all. If you would like to know when new topics are added, existing topics are updated, or simply to keep in touch with “ “, please check out our blog, sign up to the newletter, or contact us using the Contact Us link in the upper right hand corner of the site. And if you would like to participate even more …

Care to Add to the Science Site?

Would you like to submit a science activity to our site? If your project or activity or experiment is original and well written and offers good information for students or teachers, we’d love to add your project to our pages and credit you or your school. Submit your project and any images that you’d like to add and we’ll credit you and post your science project on the pages of the site.  Just hover over the Contact Us menu in the upper right hand corner and select “Submit An Activity”.   If you just want to ask us to do an experiment or discuss a topic, that option is up there for you as well.

We look forward to hearing from you !!

Printable Resources for Students or Teachers

As you go through the experiments and different sections of the site, you may notice the “pdf” symbol being displayed.  Click on it and a pdf of what we are doing will pop up.  You can download it as a resource for classroom, homework, bibliographies or otherwise referencing our work (but not for republishing without our permission … we worked hard on these, the whole site is under copy write, but we’re sure you understand all that stuff).